The Driftwood development

Umax AB
3D Modeling, Exterior 3D images, Interior 3D images, Drone images

In cooperation with UMAX AB, which mainly operates in Sweden, we had the opportunity to participate in an architectural competition organized by Nordecon AS. This development in question is located in the center of Pärnu, Estonia, on the river bank. The project was very large in scale and the deadline was tight. The smooth cooperation yielded a very beautiful result and in just four days of work, we succeeded in delivering the necessary visuals for the client. Among other things, we organized a printing service and other necessities for the client to ensure the timely completion of the project.

The experience was a valuable one for our team. We’re grateful to the UMAX AB team for their trust and happy that they were satisfied with the end result.

Our work often results in a set of “clips” that customers can use to advertise themselves as well as to introduce their solutions. In this light, it was gratifying that the project was not orientated to just one goal; rather, the 3D images will play an important role in increasing the customer’s sales.

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